I am a plain girl from a farm where I was surrounded by Proteas, in South Africa. I would rather receive a plant than a large bunch of fancy flowers, although my garden is pretty full already, and my grass area is getting smaller and smaller each season, I still manage to find a spot somewhere for another one. I love sunshine, rollercoasters with my children is my favourite thing to do, or dancing in the kitchen pretending we know all the words of every song we hear on the radio. My house is my home, and not a trophy of success. For me success is not money in the bank, but the difference I could make in the people I love. Although travelling is one of my biggest dreams, I find myself going back to my family in South Africa every time I get the opportunity.

I love the emotions in weddings, although I am the photographer, I feel like a best friend on this day, I am a big fan of natural weddings full of life, laughter and personality, creating images as naturally as possible is my biggest passion. Every wedding is so unique and special, and I just love being part of it, this might be my profession, but it is a profession from my heart. As this is one of the biggest days of your life, it is just as important to me as it would be to you that you choose the correct photographer!

Working with my couples, I give them direction, helping them to relax in front of the camera. Whether you are comfortable being photographed or nervous, many of my clients have commented on how much they enjoyed the experience.  So contact me and tell me all about your day and we can both get excited about your day together over a warm cup of coffee.

Corette xxx